We provide bespoke training for public, private and community sectors across Northern Ireland, Ireland and beyond.


The courses and workshops include:

* OCN NI accredited – Skills for Cultural Competency in a Diverse Society
Levels two and three available

* Identity and Inclusion
A one-day introductory session to issues around identity and inclusion in Northern Ireland providing a good grounding in identity issues, inclusion as well as anti-sectarianism, anti-racism and other types of discrimination.

* Welfare Rights and Immigration
This is an introductory course, which provides a basic landscape of where to go for assistance around a number of issues, which government departments are responsible for which service, myth busting around benefits and rights.

* Hate Crime
Defining the different types of hate crime, how to determine if someone has been a victim (or a perpetrator!) of a hate crime, where to go for support, and a general overview of hate crime in NI and around the world.

* Anti-sectarianism
Introduction to the context of sectarianism in NI, challenging sectarian behaviours and stereotypes.

* Discrimination
The differences between discrimination and oppression, how to recognise discrimination (in yourself and others), where to go for support, legal recourses etc.

* Good Governance
How to set up and run a community organisation, small business or other small group, from the initial meeting to the development of an experienced organisation.

* Committee Skills
Good practice for Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and other committee members, including a range of examples and role play exercises.

*Effective Funding Applications
How to complete a successful funding application with practical examples and exercises, including signposting towards relevant sources of funding.

* Social Justice and Human Rights
This is a more advanced course, with the legal background to human rights and social justice in NI, including current legislation, policies, structures and institutions.


Other services

Apart from the training services we also provide consultancy in the areas of:
* Corporate social responsibility (CSR) planning
* Community Planning
* Lobbying and Campaigning
* Financial Management
* Consultations and market research
* Training and networking residentials


If you would like to discuss the raining needs of your organisation or to get a quote please contact :


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