The Voices for Change Project 

A three year project funded through Comic Relief under the Fair Society theme. This project is addressing racial inequality in Northern Ireland through active citizenship and political participation of the BME communities. Evidence based research shows that ethnic minorities were at risk of in-work and child poverty due to low grade and low paid employment, despite high qualifications and skills. Access to public services are still a big issue for the new migrant community. BME people have experienced racism as service users, employees and pupils. The main outcomes of the project are to ensure people from marginalised groups engage with and influence decision-makers and ultimately hold them to account, they are subject to less discrimination from public attitudes, law, policy and services as well as BME people from vulnerable groups work collectively to have their voices heard. 

The Development Worker currently works with 28 BME groups across Northern Ireland.

Travellers and the Troubles

This project which began in August 2018 and activities are ongoing until March 2019.

It involves the establishment of 6 Traveller focus groups reflecting the largest and most active Traveller locations. Selection of participants come from the Travellers themselves, by co-opting on the members of the community with most interest and relevance to the topic. These groups meet separately to examine their own experiences of the Troubles, including the lasting effects of division and racism against the Traveller community in NI today.

All these stories will be written up into a research report, including comparative chapters on different experiences based on location, age, gender and other identity issues.

The second element of the project is continual capacity building of these 6 focus groups. Not only will they learn about the research project, including research methodologies and tools, and their own and others’ experiences of the Troubles and the legacy of the conflict, they will also undertake capacity building training and personal development training to enable them to form constituted Travellers projects should they so choose. This will include undertaking community development training in topics such as governance, committee skills, office bearers’ roles and responsibilities, child protection etc.

It will also include personal development training in topics such as presentation skills, public speaking, essential skills etc. (activities on-going)
The third strand of the project is to promote reconciliation and good relations between the Traveller community and the two traditional communities, as well as other BME groups.

The main purpose of the project will be to gain a deeper understanding of all these issues within the Traveller community and between Travellers and the two main settled communities.

Project funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs Ireland – Reconciliation Fund.


The Belonging Project

The Belonging Project is a multimedia photography project promoting good relations coupled with OCN accredited workshops that facilitate discussions about identity, migrant experiences and community in a non threatening and safe environment.

Through this project we also provide OCN accredited training for facilitators. 

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